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Fractional Currency

Third Issue 1864-1869

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3 Cent

5 Cent

10 Cent *

The 5 cent note is famous because of the person shown on the face.  It is Spencer Clark, then superintendent of the Bureau of Printing.  He decided to put his own likeness on the notes without the knowledge of his superiors.  Congress became furious and passed the law that stands today, that forbids any living person from appearing on bills or coins.

* The 10 cent note has no mention of denomination, only "10" something?

25 Cent

50 Cent "Spinner"

50 Cent

The two 50 cent notes were actually hand signed, the back of one (Spinner) has ink smears which are almost always a problem with these notes.  General F. E. Spinner (U.S. Treasurer) is considered the "Father" of Fractional Currency and is most famous for his elaborate signature.

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